Friday, January 31, 2014

Institutionalizing Blogging Norms at ISA

The reaction among bloggers and online academics to the ISA's proposal to stop its editors from blogging has been very positive, in that it has helped mobilize the academic blogging community (the proposal itself isn't positive). But that is to be expected; we wouldn't be opposed to the measure if we weren't bloggers, and vice versa.

I'm happy to see that a movement has begun out of this reaction to institutionalize within the profession--that is, within the International Studies Association--online academic activity. This effort will bring the ISA as an organization in line with the emerging norms of the field, and will help explain and promote the benefits of blogging (and other online academic activity) to those who don't.

So, consider signing this petition to establish an Online Media Caucus within the ISA. This will make blogging and participation in social media and other online activities more "normal" and accessible and familiar to the ISA's members. It will also, importantly, give online academics a say in the organization's governance; every caucus has a representative on the Governing Council.


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